I Like My Eggs…Immobile

I'm excited to announce that on August 9th, 2017 I will be having a laparoscopic bilateral salpingectomy! I'm getting my fallopian tubes removed! It is a pretty big decision to make as a 35 year old childless woman, but I... Continue Reading →


My grandfather, Joseph

I have to say this has been one hell of a year so far...bravo, 2017 for kicking me right in the tits and not giving a fuck. January/February my dad was in the hospital because he's an alcoholic and being... Continue Reading →

Kindness is power

This week I had an opportunity to volunteer with a church and try to help the homeless in our city. It was very eye opening as I didn't realize how many homeless people we actually had in our city. We... Continue Reading →

When you lose a friend…

It's been a month since one of my longest and best friends passed away. We had been friends since the fifth grade. She had just turned 35 in February. Too friggin young... I haven't found out from the family exactly... Continue Reading →

30 Days & 30 Nights

I have been consistently hooking up with men since I kicked my husband out back in June. Who wants to be celibate for an extended period of time? Not this bitch. Why would I?! That's bananas. Especially considering I went... Continue Reading →

Dating in an 11×17 format

Gracious thanks to my friend, Panda, for suggesting I do a timeline of my recent excursions and romps. I think this might help you all understand my dating life a bit more...and probably make you say, "What the fuck, girl"...... Continue Reading →

Time flies…

...when you're surrounded by fuckboys. I know I haven't blogged in a couple months. Shame on me! I left you off with Captain Crazy dumping me and leaving me brokenhearted and bitter. Honestly, it didn't take that long to get... Continue Reading →

It really wasn’t me. It was you…

I blogged a little over a week ago...all googly-eyed and filled with ridiculous hope. Aaaaand just like that everything can fall¬†apart.¬†This is what I get for opening myself up...I get let down. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. I saw Captain...Captain Crazy,... Continue Reading →

The End of an era

I must apologize for my lack in posting as of late. October has been quite the month, I must say. My mother has been in the hospital, I have been sick for the past 6 weeks or so, I have... Continue Reading →

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