30 Days & 30 Nights

I have been consistently hooking up with men since I kicked my husband out back in June. Who wants to be celibate for an extended period of time? Not this bitch. Why would I?! That's bananas. Especially considering I went... Continue Reading →


Dating in an 11×17 format

Gracious thanks to my friend, Panda, for suggesting I do a timeline of my recent excursions and romps. I think this might help you all understand my dating life a bit more...and probably make you say, "What the fuck, girl"...... Continue Reading →

Time flies…

...when you're surrounded by fuckboys. I know I haven't blogged in a couple months. Shame on me! I left you off with Captain Crazy dumping me and leaving me brokenhearted and bitter. Honestly, it didn't take that long to get... Continue Reading →

It really wasn’t me. It was you…

I blogged a little over a week ago...all googly-eyed and filled with ridiculous hope. Aaaaand just like that everything can fall apart. This is what I get for opening myself up...I get let down. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. I saw Captain...Captain Crazy,... Continue Reading →

The End of an era

I must apologize for my lack in posting as of late. October has been quite the month, I must say. My mother has been in the hospital, I have been sick for the past 6 weeks or so, I have... Continue Reading →

Money, Luxury, and Sex

This past week has been completely shit-tastic. I could not be happier that it is over. Of course, my problems are still here...but at least that week isn't. I got to fight via email with my soon-to-be ex husband, work... Continue Reading →

Wrong way on a one-way track

"Small Canadian town will give land and job to anyone willing to move..." I have been seeing this article floating around Facebook the past few days and my God, it is really tempting. I mean, look at this view...LOOK AT IT!... Continue Reading →

Plenty of what…?

Ok, it's time to address an important issue here, fellow bitches. This has become an epidemic. It's addictive, takes up too much of your time, and more often than not it ends in disappointment. No, I'm not talking about sex...... Continue Reading →

The Supporting Cast

This seems like a good time to introduce the cast of men that have entered and/or left my life thus far. I call them "supporting cast" not because they were ever so supportive, but because the majority of them did... Continue Reading →

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