Just a Guy in a Bar…

Dear McDreamy, It was October and I was signed up on numerous dating apps... in an endless cycle of swiping right (rarely) and initiating conversations with various (what turned out to be) boring men who lasted a week, maybe... and... Continue Reading →


Cats & Dogs

cat·call /ˈkatˌkôl/ verb gerund or present participle: catcalling -make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by. The definition doesn't even sound appealing, does it? Then why do so many men do it? I've... Continue Reading →

How to lose a girl in 7 days

It's been exactly a month since I ended things with Crazy Matt. And let me start this by saying we lasted an entire week. That's usually the running time for most of my flings. Sometimes I don't even get past... Continue Reading →

Year of the Dick Pic

It's the thing that sends women running and screaming. The thing that makes most of us give up on online dating (dating in general, really). The thing that we all hate to receive and they know we hate it...but they... Continue Reading →

Fucked up Friday

Disclaimer: This post may be a little X-rated. If you know me, you know I am vulgar and have no shame or filter. Just sayin'... I seriously wonder sometimes... why I do the things that I do. Also, how do... Continue Reading →

I Like My Eggs…Immobile

I'm excited to announce that on August 9th, 2017 I will be having a laparoscopic bilateral salpingectomy! I'm getting my fallopian tubes removed! It is a pretty big decision to make as a 35 year old childless woman, but I... Continue Reading →

My grandfather, Joseph

I have to say this has been one hell of a year so far...bravo, 2017 for kicking me right in the tits and not giving a fuck. January/February my dad was in the hospital because he's an alcoholic and being... Continue Reading →

Kindness is power

This week I had an opportunity to volunteer with a church and try to help the homeless in our city. It was very eye opening as I didn't realize how many homeless people we actually had in our city. We... Continue Reading →

When you lose a friend…

It's been a month since one of my longest and best friends passed away. We had been friends since the fifth grade. She had just turned 35 in February. Too friggin young... I haven't found out from the family exactly... Continue Reading →

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